More Trainer Testimonials 2017/2018/2019

Digital Business

 '' Eigene sprachliche Verbesserung in Wort und Schrift, sicheres und klares Auftreten '' J.T. Germany 2019

'' Meine Trainerien, Cheryl Williams , hat dafür gesorgt, dass mir der Unterricht Spaβ macht und ich in meiner Freizeit englische Bücher lese. Ganz groβes Lob !!! '' 

'' Meine Traineren ist sehr gut auf mich und meine Themen eingegangen. Sie hat mir darüber hinaus viele Empfehlungen gegeben, mein Englisch zu verbessern bzw. in das Gelernte zu vertiefen '' 

'' He felt comfortable with you as his trainer and he had a good time learning English.  He describes you as very motivated and encouraging 😊'' M.W. Germany April 2018


'' He felt like he was in good hands with you as his  trainer. You always tried hard to do a great session and he could feel that you spend a lot of time preparing the class '' D.H. Germany April 2018


'' The first session was very demanding because you had a different teaching style and it took some time to get used to concentrating on conversation. However,  he states that his conversational skills clearly improved during the time you taught them and he feels more confident speaking in English. Also, the preparation for the test was great and he liked the “creative  discussions and presentations”. M.S. Germany April 2018


'' It was a pleasure for me to have my English training with Cheryl. She is  an excellent teacher. She can adapt the course the best for you in both  reading comprehension, discussion, expression and professional  communication (emails, oral presentation…). She has always the right  English word/expression you are looking for! ''


'' Sie ist perfekt auf meine Bedürfnisse eingegangen (Sprechen fördern) und hat mich auf meinem Lernweg passend abgeholt gefördert und gefordert '' 

''  Corrections of emails, simulations of interviews etc ..  '' 

''  Oral exercises with vocabulary that I do not know at all. This forces me to  acquire vocabulary and greater spontaneity in my oral explanations ''

General Business / Management

''  Friendly, competent teacher. Flexible course ''

''   In den vielen Unterrichtsstunden mit meiner Trainerin Cheryl, hat mir der Unterricht immer nicht nur großen Nutzen gebracht, er hat vor Allem Spaß gemacht. Da es sich mit Spaß an der Sache bekanntlich leichter lernen lässt war mein Unterricht für mich persönlich sehr erfolgreich. Cheryl hat den Unterrichtsinhalt perfekt auf meine individuellen Bedürfnisse angepasst und hat mir auch schwierige Themen außerordentlich gut vermitteln können. Es war mir ein Vergnügen meine sprachlichen Fähigkeiten mit Cheryl Williams weiter zu entwickeln. ''

'' Die Art meiner Traineren und wie sie mich immer wieder motiviert '' 

 ''  Pleasant trainer and courses are interesting ''

'' Das Team, also Trainerin und Teilnehmer, hat wunderbar zusammengepasst, was zu einer tollen Lernatmosphäre beigetragen hat '' 


 ''  Cheryl helped to increase my sales revenue, tremendously. The language training, in my case for sales, I have the confidence to speak with the decision makers at eye level. Started with small talk on business topics up to the negotiation. Cheryl has created real business situations that we have trained and steady improved. Thank you Cheryl '' 

''La qualité de la formatrice et le fait qu'elle se mette  à notre niveau '' 

'' Die Professionalität der Traineren . Groβes fachspezifisches Wissen. Sehr angenehme Atmospähre zwischen der Trainerin und mir '' 

''  Trainer

- adjusts to my needs

- provides good explanations

- speaks well and clearly

- makes me progress quickly ''


''  I did 3 courses with Cheryl. What I needed when I started was to speak,  practice and improve my vocabulary. Cheryl has been able to make me  progress by reassuring and encouraging me constantly. During the classes we also left the framework of lessons to work on my weak points, the  news or my daily life. Cheryl also helped me in the writing of important  emails, presentations.... ( accepted by the Management of the company I  worked for ) ''

''  Good interaction with my Coach  ''

'' Mon professuer , Cheryl Williams ! Eficace, intelligente et pleine d'humour, toujours un plaisir de la retrouver. Les résultats, tangibles''  

''  Improving professional negotiation was my target expectations for this  training. Cheryl motivated me every time in each session and teached very professional to reach my plan. For the future I’m sure come back to  Cheryl again to consolidate my business English deeper! THX Cheryl  ''

'' The possibility to freely express myself as I want on all the topics that  come to mind in addition to the exercises on the platform. The more I express myself, the more progress I make''. 

Finance & Human Resources (HR)

''  Cheryl  has adapted the courses to my needs by emphasizing certain points and  passing more quickly on others according to my knowledge.

She takes the time to explain to me if I did not understand. She uses examples if needed.I  have a visual memory and Cheryl does not hesitate to use colors, to complete the slide so that I can remember things more easily ''

' Cheryl Williams als Trainerin - ich habe in den letzten Stunden bei ihr mehr gelernt als in den ganzen Stunden davor  ''

'  J'étais  dubitative avant ma formation quant à ce type d'enseignement internet.  Je suis ravie d'avoir eu accès à ce one to one qui a tout à fait répondu  à mes attentes avec une enseignante très compétente ''

''  My trainer has adapted to my level and encourages me regularly. I learn without feeling it is too scholastic. ''

"As a portfolio manager for private customers, I need to be always  informed about the financial current events. I have to study quite a lot  of financial products from various and specialized asset management  companies to be able to invest in for my customers. Because the  financial markets are international, I need to improve my undestanding  in english particularly during conference call with specialized  financial analysts. I need precised and technical notions about the  financial language and financial analysis. I decided last year to follow a training course in English on one to one  lessons. After a short level evaluation, Cheryl William was named as my  teacher. As a rythm of 1 lesson per week, she quickly checked my needs.  She kept building my confidence and I've quickly improved my  understanding. She found  various subjects to discuss about together and  through specific exercises I could immediately have the corrections of  the mistakes I made. I can only recommend Cheryl as a very good professional, very involved  in her job and the real expectations of her customers."