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Business Coaching for Professionals

  ~ Pillar 1 Service ~

Business Coaching for Professionals   

 '' Developing clients Business Language, Motivation, Communication & CONFIDENCE ! Clients get Promotions and experience significant increase in Sales, WIN contracts and open up Business and Professional OPPORTUNITIES as a direct result of the Business Coaching & Training we deliver '' Cheryl



Team Workshops

  • Industry specific
  • Company culture specific
  • Relevant
  • Engaging
  • Tailor made (designed) for you
  • Plus elements of Essential Skills


'' Dear Cheryl,

Was a pleasure making your acquaintance and attending your coaching course.

It was very helpful and I particularly enjoyed the motivational / goal setting sections, as it’s always good to re-assess and create a process for such an intangible matter

Thank you and I will be sure to recommend you to any clients, looking for a communication coach and motivational guide '' Ben ~ Malta 2019



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Business Coaching & Workshops


Neurolanguage Coaching for English Language Learnsers

 ~ Pillar 2 Service ~

Business English for Professionals 

''Be the Captain of your own ship and reach your language goals faster. Store what you learn into your long term memory, create new learning habits, become self-motivated and be coached around any social pain that you may experience. 

Coachee's also experience results in other areas of their life. It's a win-win situation '' Cheryl



(maximum 8 people)

Coaching Principles + Neuroscience + Target Language

Delivered by an   

ADVANCED NEUROLANGUAGE COACH® Accredited through the ICF (International Coaching Federation. Gold Standard of Coaching)  

Cheryl  Williams © 


 ~ Pillar 3 Service ~

Certification Programme:

Teachers, trainers and educators of any discipline who wish to become Accredited Neurolanguage Coaches

Neurolanguage Coaching Certification.

Accredited through ICF. Carries 36 ICF Credits. 30 Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) hours, plus 6 hours of Resource Development 

NEUROLANGUAGE COACHING ® (registered US and European trademark in the name of Rachel Marie Paling)


'' method and approach created by Rachel Marie Paling ''

ELC Neurolanguage Coaching® Certification course


Cheryl Williams Business Coaching for Professionals and Neurolanguage Coaching Testimonials

'' Cheryl is a great asset as a language coach and I thoroughly enjoy working with her.  She is really dedicated in her role and communicate with enthusiasm. This experience has really improved the quality of my English to a better level. It was really a pleasure working with Cheryl and I strongly recommend her ''  B.N . Germany 2018/2019


'' Die freundliche und kompetente Betreuung durch meine Trainerin Cheryl. Sie entwirft das Coaching genau nach meinen Bedürfnissen und fördert dadurch meinen Lernerfolg ''  T.S. Germany 2018/2019


'' La capacité d'adaptation du formateur pour travailler sur des documents spécifiques à mon métier. La sympathie et le professionnalisme du formateur ''  G.D. France 2018/2019

''  What I learned can be implemented directly in day-to-day business. Performance, pronunciation and grammar have become noticeably better and more fluent. '' T.D. Germany 2019


'' Nice rapport client-coach.

Cheryl knows how to motivate, adapt and encourage. '' F.L France 2019

'' J'apprécie l'accessibilité à un niveau de langue supérieur (vocabulaire, structure grammatical et contexte international = ouverture sur des thématiques culturelles variées) '' C.S. France 2019

 '' Die Abwechslung vom normalen Arbeitsalltag.
Die freundliche und kompetente Coach. Ich werde Cheryl wider als meinen Coach buchen '' S.L. Germany 2019

'' Listening comprehension exercises, sometimes answering questions based on a text or simply reading; lessons are very varied and entertaining ''  C.G. Germany 2019

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